Jak zadbac o zdrowie podczas podróży służbowych

Szczególnie w górach a Zakopane jest położone znacznie ponad poziom morza. Tak wiec oprócz dostosowania się do nowej strefy czasowej, w grę wchodzi znaczna zmiana cisnienia. Do tego zarządzasz napiętym harmonogramem i jesz kilka posiłków poza domem.

Here are a few tips to make it easier:

  • Stay Hydrated,
  • choose water over alcoholic drinks,
  • pack your own quality snacks and eat often (to avoid expensive shops and not eat poorly),
  • stretch,
  • eat well,
  • walk or bike more often,
  • eat vitamins,
  • take a good sleep,
  • stay active for a long time.

Try to manage to find the time and motivation to work out during a business trip can be difficult. Try getting creative and swimming laps at the pools nearby or asking Greg to help map out a scenic run.

Use popular apps to deal with a usual routine while you are on the road. You can also bring your morning routine with you. Starting the day correctly is important, so stick to the routine you maintain back home when staying in a city for more than a day.

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