Room Rentals in St.Stanislaw House for the Young Traveler

Our vacation rental offers walk-in distance access to one of the best ski schools for children. St. Stanisław House and Strama ski school are located on the slope of Nosal Mt. Ski center is also good for beginners and warm-up before the staring season. Zakopane known as Polish Alps is surrounded by Mountains and there are many ski centers to choose from. You can enjoy a fun ski vacation whether you’re headed for a double black diamond or the bunny slope.

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Work Hard, for Guests Comfortable Vacations

We traveled a lot and stayed in many places, so we are able to bring all the best experiences to our House.  Renting for many years to all kinds of tourists gave us tremendous experience. On top were listening, reading reviews, and pay attention to everyone. Most of our guests are spending all day away. There are so many things to do up here that you get exhausted. 

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