How to Book a Room

Double room with double bed and sofa

Choosing Room for Your Accommodation in One of Greg's Villas

Since there is a wide choice of rooms in 2 Villas you may need help in making decision before you book your room. Below we provide main factors to take into consideration. 

When choosing a room in Greg’s Villas for your accommodation in Zakopane, consider the following factors:

  1. Number of guests: Determine how many people will be staying in the room. Greg’s Villas may offer different room sizes, ranging from single rooms to larger suites that can accommodate families or groups.

  2. Amenities and facilities: Check what amenities are available in the room. Look for features such as private bathrooms, kitchenettes, parking, Wi-Fi, and any other amenities that are important to you.

  3. Location: Consider the location of the room within Greg’s Villas. Some rooms may offer better views or be closer to certain facilities like the kitchen or dining areas. Think about your preferences and priorities when it comes to location.

  4. Budget: Determine your budget for accommodation and find a room that fits within your price range. Greg’s Villas may offer different room types at varying price points, so make sure to consider this when making your choice.

  5. Reviews and ratings: Read reviews from previous guests to get an idea of the quality and comfort of the rooms at Greg’s Villas. Pay attention to any feedback about cleanliness, noise levels, or other factors that may influence your decision. Planty reviews on Google, Airbnb and

Ultimately, the best room for your vacation accommodation at Greg’s Villas will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Take the time to research and consider these factors to make an informed decision that suits your requirements.

All Seasons in Zakopane

Welcome to All Seasons in Zakopane

At All Seasons in Zakopane, we are passionate about providing tourists with an immersive experience in the breathtaking town of Zakopane throughout the year. 


Summer in Zakopane

Imagine warm sun rise gently kissing your skin as you explore Zakopane during the vibrant summer months. Our expertly curated content offers detailed descriptions of the best summer activities, such as hiking through the mesmerizing Tatra Mountains, seeing the picturesque Lake Morskie Oko, or simply immersing yourself in the lively cultural festivals that effortlessly blend tradition and modernity. Discover the endless possibilities that summer brings in Zakopane.

Fall in Zakopane

As the leaves begin to transform into fiery hues of red, orange, and gold, Zakopane undergoes a remarkable transformation during the enchanting autumn season. Our meticulously created content unveils the hidden beauty of fall in Zakopane, guiding you through scenic nature trails and charming villages drenched in the fall colors. Immerse yourself in the warm, cozy atmosphere and relish in the bountiful harvest festivals, where you can savor authentic local cuisine and witness traditional customs that have been passed down through generations.

Winter in Zakopane

A snowy wonderland awaits you in Zakopane during the magical winter season. Our comprehensive content provides insights into the exhilarating winter sports options available, such as skiing or snowboarding on the powdery slopes of nearby Nosal Ski Center, Kasprowy or Gubalowka Mountain or exploring the frosty wonderland on a horse-drawn sleigh ride. Experience the festive charm of Zakopane during the winter holidays, where twinkling lights illuminate the streets and the scent of mulled wine fills the air, creating a truly unforgettable winter escape.

Spring in Zakopane

As the frost gradually gives way to vibrant blooms and the promise of new beginnings, spring in Zakopane embraces nature’s reawakening. Our engaging content highlights the blossoming flora and fauna, inviting you to immerse in the captivating beauty of Zakopane’s gardens and parks. Witness the age-old traditions of shepherding during the annual Tatra National Park Shepherd’s Festival, while indulging in delicious local delicacies made from freshly sourced ingredients. Spring in Zakopane offers the perfect opportunity for rejuvenation and a deep connection with nature.

At All Seasons in Zakopane, we are dedicated to ensuring that your visit to Zakopane is enriched by our insightful descriptions of each season’s unique offerings. Let us guide you through the splendid attractions, activities, and events that define this remarkable destination. Discover the beauty of Zakopane in all its seasonal glory, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Embark on a journey with us at All Seasons in Zakopane and let us be your host and trusted companion throughout the year.

Check our accommodation in Villa Pod Smrekami or St. Stanislaw House all season accommodation in Zakopane

Greg Trips Sugestings

Trips with the Map In Backpack

Route 1

Nearby, the entrance to the Olczyska valley / 400 meters towards Morskie Oko / – to the creek’s spring about 1 hour. Then you have to decide whether to Kopieniec i Cyrhla / about 1.40h / where there is a local cuisine in Siedmiu Cats / you can return along the trail near the Church, going to Dolna Chłabówka / or to Nosalowa Przelecz, and then to Kuźnice / about 1h/, where it is worth having a meal in the Yurt, the meeting place of mountain hikers.

Route 2

to Kuźnice / about 45 min /, and from there we move towards the shelter in Kalatówki / 40 min / passing the monastery of St. Albertine Church with brother Albert’s hermitage to visit. For those willing, I suggest a 40-minute walk to the shelter on Kondratowa with a view of Giewont and a tasty meal with gingerbread or home-made apple pie.

Route 3

On Sunday I propose a trip to Rusinowa Polana with admiring the beautiful panorama of the Tatra Mountains from there. It is worth visiting the church in Wiktorówki / masses 9, 11, 13 / led by the Dominicans, and built-in memory of the apparitions. It is worth listening to exceptional sermons, drinking free tea in the room by the kitchen, viewing the memorial plaques, and drawing water from the spring. It is best to go from Zazadnia /1.2h/ and return to Wierch Poroniec /1.2h/

Route 4

From the house along the Pod Reglami path, passing the ski jumps, we enter the picturesque Biała Valley 1.15h, we go to the Sarnia Skała viewpoint / 25min /, and then to the hut in the Strążyska Valley /35min/. There we can eat, and when we regain strength, it is worth it approach Siklawica / 10 min /. Return to bottom Strążyska will take / 50min /. Returning to the city, there will be Willa Koliba nearby, the Old Church with a cemetery in Pęksowy Brzyzek, from where it is only a step to Krupówki street.